Is the Stream API reliable

Hi All,

I’m hoping that someone who is using the stream API can share their experience of it and if it is completely reliable. e.g:

  • Does it catch every single company change
  • Does it catch changes due to refiling of Confirmation statements etc.
  • Does it catch if Companies House make a correction themselves to a record (without a filing being made)
  • If there is a service interruption, do the timestamps really work afterwards, or sometimes is part of the stream missing.

If we moved some process we have over to it (to be more efficient) they would fall down completely (or we would lose the efficiency) with anything less 100% reliability from the stream API in terms of not missing changes.

Thanks in advance!

Please see Streaming API missing events

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Yes, the stream is reliable.
All changes (delta’s) applied to CHS, also go through the stream.
We have had no issues with parts of the stream ‘missing’.