Issue accessing sandox area

I have two applications defined some time ago, one for live environment and the other for sandbox one; both were working until now.
If I make a call like this
curl -XGET -u "my API key value":
(of course, replacing the “my API key value” with the corresponding API key and URL for each of the environments), the live environment query is working but the sandbox one returns 401 with
{ "error": "Invalid Authorization", "type": "ch:service" } as details.

Unfortunately I cannot access “my applications” area of the account (time-out error from the server, as here ) so I can create another app or check the current ones.

Could you, please, tell me what changed?

Your ‘My applications’ should now be working. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Both API and ‘My applications’ works now, indeed. Thank you!