Maintenance - Filing history item id’s

On Saturday 3rd August 2019 we will be beginning an exercise to amend the id’s of a subset of filing history items.
The data for each filing history item will not change but the id will.
This essential maintenance is required to ensure that the internal processing of the filing history and images can continue without interruption.

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Hi Mark, will you be redirecting old transaction ids to their new transaction id in the document API? Or is there anyway to see what has changed for those who might have been using the transaction id as a unique identifier for a filing? Thanks

Just to be clear, the change is to the transaction_id in the filing history.
We will not be re-directing old to new.
We can provide a list of old id to new id for anyone who wants it.
I am making arrangements to get that list uploaded as soon as it is available.

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Do you require a list of the filing history ids that changed?

Actually I think I’ll be ok, thanks for the update

Hi @MArkWilliams - please can you send me a list of changed ids (old to new)