More Data on Significant Control Person

Would there be a way to get more information on the persons of significant control for a company? Such as matching them to the Officers list, or getting other companies they are associated with?

The person of significant control (PSC) information is logged individually against a company. The information is not validated or cross referred with other companies, or other data sets e.g., officer data, and therefore not searchable via the web site pages at this time.
This is an area that we have been investigating under future Companies House legislative reform.
The Government Response to the consultation on Corporate Transparency and Register Reform Corporate Transparency and Register Reform: government response to consultation ( sets out plans to verify the identities of directors and PSC’s. Once an individual has a verified account with Companies House, either by verifying their identity directly with Companies House or through a third-party agent, it will be possible to link their different roles in multiple companies to a single, verified account. For example, if an individual is a director of one company and a PSC of another then Companies House will link the two records to their single verified account, and this will be clear on the public register. This will allow searchers of the public register to view all directorships held by an individual and whether that individual is also a PSC and will provide certainty that an individual is who they say they are. This will also enable updates to an individual’s details to be applied across multiple companies and roles.In the meantime the PSC information is published as a snapshot to download Companies House (edited)