Nature of Business(SIC Code)

When using API, I am not getting complete SIC. I am only getting SIC Code not the statement for the code. But when I checked the UI version of Company House, I am getting code along with the statement. Can anyone let me know what I am doing wrong?

The API only returns the code. To get the text of the classification you’ll need to do some form of look-up at your end. There are a couple of ways to do this, but the best is probably using the enumerations here:

I assume this is what Companies House uses internally, importantly it also includes the older 4 character codes which will still apear on companies that were dissolved before the switch to 5 characters (in 2016 or so)

There is also a non-machine readable page here: Nature of business: Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes If you want to look things up manually.

Hi Ash,

Thanks for helping me out here.

Well I have another question now what happens when a new company is registered in Company House? A new SIC Code is applied to that company or a SIC Code is assigned from the existing one?

I’m not quite sure what you mean by:

What “existing one” do you mean? If you’re registering a new company there is no existing company, is that not the case?
In the case of companies owned by other companies or being registered by them a new company is still being created. The only places where the “parent” or “registering” company might be referred to (excluding some less frequent / special cases e.g. foreign companies with “UK Establishments”) would be:

  • the Officers if that is the case (e.g. as corporate-director etc).
  • the PSC list - record the Natures of Control of the parent company / companies if relevant e.g. if the parent company owned over 25% of the shares etc.

When you register a new company you have to provide one or more SIC codes. (Or alternatively some narrative as to what the nature of the business is if you feel that none apply). See for example the (non-interactive) forms to register a private or public company (IN01).