No dissolved companies in live data?

The description for the company data product notes that it contains the status of a company “such as ‘live’ or ‘dissolved’” but the bulk download does not actually report any dissolved companies. Dissolved companies in a given month do appear in the advanced search, but why are these not included in the bulk download? Can this information be included in the monthly snapshot?

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The company data product ONLY contains live companies, that is why there are no dissolved companies in there.
The part about company status ‘such as’ is a bit misleading. There will be no dissolved.
In fact there will be no ‘live’ but there will be ‘Active’
More accurately is should say something like ‘such as’:-
Active - Proposal to Strike off
In Administration
In Administration/Administrative Receiver
In Administration/Receiver Manager
Live but Receiver Manager on at least one charge
Voluntary Arrangement

Hope that helps.

Thanks @MArkWilliams. A quick follow up question, the bulk product is compiled on a monthly basis so shouldn’t companies that were “Active” at some point during that month be included as well? I would just like some more clarification of why the product excludes the dissolved companies since these were active (or some variation of) during the time period where the product is compiled? My manual search only returns about 70,000 dissolved in a given month, which isn’t much compared to the number of new monthly registrations. Is it because of issues with tracking restorations after dissolutions? I appreciate your support!

This is a snapshot created at a point in time, so the companies included are the companies that are NOT dissolved at that point. It does not look back and include companies that were live during that month.
I have no idea what you are trying to do of course, however, if you are interested in when companies are dissolved (or when company data changes), we would recommend using our streaming api. Streaming API: Specification summary