Not able to download Companies account data using API

I am trying to download the compnay accounts data using the below APIs, but it seems one of the API is not working.

  • First API used to get the company filing history (to get the document id)
    curl -si -API_KEY:
    I got the document id from the above curl response.

  • Using the above document id I a trying to download the account data document which is not happening
    used GET http:///document/{id}/content in Explore this API part, but it is not returning any results
    Loading symbol was displaying forever and not returning any document.


Apologies but the documentation is currently incorrect, and why its not working, including the “explore this API” functionality.

The sequence should be :

  1. Call filing history (as above)
  2. Call document api for transaction you are interested in.{doc-id}/content

2.1 The document API returns a 302 Moved response with a Location: header pointing at the document
3. Get document by following the Location: URL. This can only be done once, without repeating 2, and must be done within a short time window, before it expires.

The following forum post provides further information which maybe of assistance.