Officer and Director data


I have opened a new request because the previous one has a lot of entries on it and may get overlooked.

I would like to request the Officer/Director data as a bulk download, preferably as a regular download. Is this still available?

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I am also looking for a regular download of the officers data.
I have received a bulk file, but need the daily update file to keep my database up to date.
I have email Cathy Webb, but the email is returned unsent. @cwebb
Please could customer care contact me to arrange this. @MArkWilliams

Many thanks,

Hi @cwebb @MArkWilliams,

Could you kindly assist by providing information on how I can receive a bulk download of officers data please? Ideally a source that is updated and downloadable. If an initial bulk file is only available that would suffice at present.

Thanks for your assistance and a Happy New Year!


Yeah, this information would be great!

Hello! I’d like to access Bulk Data on officer too. Is this available? Thanks!

Same here please! I would also like a bulk data file for Officers (like there is for PoSC). Once we have that loaded we can keep up to date via the streaming API with - potentially - a regular refresh from bulk. Thanks in anticipation!

Hi guys,

Yes the other thread has now become over flooded. Could I please have access to the officers bulk data with regularly refreshes too.

Thank you very much.


I have passed your details onto our customer care team who will contact you directly.

Thank you @MArkWilliams . How long do they usually take to respond?


Could I also have access to a copy of the officers bulk data?

Many thanks