Officer stream lacks person number

I have used the officer bulk export to make a database of officers, and I would like to keep it up to date using the officer stream.
In the bulk product officers are identified by a “person number” (eg 047170140001), but this is not present in the JSON objects sent in the streaming API.
The question is how to match up an officer event from the streaming api with an officer previously stored in a database from the bulk export.
Full date of birth is not provided, so it is not possible to identify officers by date of birth + name. Addresses could change over time so can’t be used.

Is there any way to identify officers in order match up events in the stream with records in a database?

Has anyone else had this problem/found a solution?

Many thanks,

Hi Brian,

There is a daily update to the bulk officer data (it’s prod 198 I think). The bulk data team should be able to set up an FTP for you (they did for us).

Let me know if I can help in any way.

Many thanks for that Mike, I was not aware of the FTP daily update to officers.
I will send an email to the bulk data team.