Officers endpoint error 500

I am getting a HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error when attempting to reconnect to the officers streaming API endpoint following the 24hr reset.

PS: Over this weekend, I have had this for other streaming API endpoints - they eventually re-connected after numerous attempts.

Apologies for this. There are currently no issues, but I note that the streaming API restarted early this morning, which would have fixed any issues.

Thx. On checking my app logs, reconnection issue was resolved between 6am and 7am this morning for most endpoints (when / after the restart happened?) but there was an issue with the filling and companies endpoints after that (which subsequently resolved). I’ll wait for the next 24hr reset to confirm whether your restart resolved that issue.

Just checked my logs this morning and reconnection after the 24hr reset was OK for the companies, charges and insolvency endpoints. I’ll update when the fillings, psc and officers endpoints reset.


All streams restarted without issue - so yes, the restart resolved that one.