Open API specification points to


I’m looking to generate models based on the Open API spec that (only theoretically) can be downloaded from the docs.

Unfortunately, upon inspecting the Open API spec file (, I noticed that all references point to I’m assuming that you can see the problem already.

It wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but there’s multiple levels of nested files, all pointing to and no editor/viewer I’m aware of is able to resolve them.

That being said, may I ask that this is fixed to allow pulling the spec? If it’s easier for the time being, can I please ask for a single-file spec instead?

This has reported to Companies House before, the only response I can remember is that it wasn’t a priority. That was 2022.

Another example thread with homebrew fix suggestions:

Hah, I was planning on writing such a script myself in case I didn’t receive an answer. Well, thanks for letting me know - I kind of assumed that this hasn’t been raised before - you know, someone would’ve fixed if by now if it has :sweat_smile: