People with significant control (PSC) snapshot has been stopped

Hi, People with significant control (PSC) snapshot has stop being produced, why is this? Also how would we keep track of future changes to the API snapshots/ downloads? This has come as a surprise and it would be great to keep track of these things.

I will look at using the streaming api instead.

Sorry, this has not been stopped, but rather delayed. We have had a technical issue producing the file yesterday and today. We are hoping to have it back available later today.

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Great, Thanks for the swift response.

Could this be affecting the API as well? New formations seem to be crashing our internal software at a point in the code that related to PSCs. Checking on Find and Update the PSC tab is missing for these. The companies I’ve checked were all incorporated tofay.

Alternatively ignore me because I was looking in the wrong place! :roll_eyes:

The PSC snapshot product is now available Companies House