PSC and officer relation

Good afternoon
Is there any way to link the officer and PSC?(as same person)
And is there any way to link same psc between different companies if in real they are same person?

Short: Officers and PSCs are - as far as I’m aware - treated as two completely different datasets. So to link between the two you will have to match data in fields (or apply external knowledge).

In addition - PSCs are simply recorded per company - so again to link these between companies you’ll be data matching as above.

Finally - as I mentioned in my reply to your other post it was the case that sometimes multiple officer entries were generated for the “same” individual or entity. While searching the forum for information on this I came across an old post by myself which noted that it was sometimes even the case that there could be multiple PSC entries in one company for “the same” individual / entity.

So unfortunately the news is that you will need to be validating, parsing and matching everywhere. (You should already be doing that - Companies House data is a) gathered over a historically significant period of time and b) Companies House themselves do not validate most of the data they record in any way).