PSC Streaming API - documented, but is it live?


I may be mistaken, but I don’t think I saw documentation for this previously, but there seems to be a page now at;

Is this working? I ask as I can get a call to working streaming as I would expect, but not which is the in documentation for PSC.

Should it be working now (in which case I will be trying to work out what I’ve done wrong), if not when is the intended go live?

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This was part of a Companies House staff member post 11 days ago and seems to answer your question.

"Data Streams: We currently have data streams for Company Profile; Filing History; Insolvency; and Charges. We have developed streams for Officers and PSCs (Persons of Significant Control) and hope to release those soon".

Frank Murphy

Hi Frank,

Many thanks for sharing that. I need to get better at searching the posts as I missed that one :confused: .

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