Public Company Filings Coverage

I’m wondering about the types/quality of the filings that Companies House receives and disseminates for publicly traded companies.

Publicly traded companies are required to post half-yearly performance filings, and many post quarterly updates. I’ve only been able to find “annual reports” for large public companies, these are called “Group of companies’ accounts”.

  1. Does anyone know if Companies House has the half-year filings as well?

  2. And secondly, all the public companies I’ve checked have their annual reports in PDF form derived from a scanned piece of paper. Are there plans to require public companies to submit more modern formats such as HTML or XBRL?

It seems that most of these companies are required to report in a structured format per the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) initiative this year. The FCA seems to be the agency that receives these filings but it would be great if Companies House could collaborate with them to disseminate these, as it would allow transparency around the companies that need it most.

This has been passed to an CH analyst.