Registered-office-address 500 Error when restricted by IP

Take the following URI:

Using an API key with no IP restriction, it works fine. Add an IP restriction and it gives a 500.

The same API key including the IP restriction works fine for the following:

I’m getting 500 Errors on any /registered-office-address api calls - with or without the IP address restriction on various companies.

It is only when IP restriction is in place.

We have no issues with the API currently.
I have just called
and got back
“etag”: “42e51ef535acfd02c5e72e7a7dc360c18448d5ba”,
“kind”: “registered-office-address”,
“links”: {
“self”: “/company/05143964/registered-office-address”
“address_line_1”: “34-36 South Parade”,
“locality”: “Whitley Bay”,
“region”: “Tyne And Wear”,
“postal_code”: “NE26 2RQ”

Thanks for the quick response. Did you execute that using an api key including a restricted IP?

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I got a friend to test it with a new account from a different IP. He sees the exact same behaviour as me. Works fine with no IP restriction - and a 500 error when IP restriction applied to the API key.

The response from CH did not address the main point of IP restrictions.

Is it necessary to start another thread to have this considered again?