Registering charges via API


I am interested in the capabilities of CH API services, particularly the Transactions API. Specifically,
I would like to use the API to perform the following

  1. Register a new charge created by an instrument (MR01).
  2. Register a charge over property acquired (MR02).
  3. Satisfy a charge that has been paid in full or in part (MR04).
  4. Report property released from the charge or property that no longer belongs to the company (MR05)

Are these services available through the mentioned API? Furthermore, I am also interested in understanding the level of information I can access via the API concerning registered charges. Specifically, I would like to know what data points and details can be retrieved through the API for registered charges.

Many thanks,

I’ve been trying to do the same, and have found this: Using software to file your company's information - GOV.UK

I hope that’s helpful :slight_smile: