Regular bulk data import

I’m currently working on a project for another large public sector organisation where we need to search across the entire companies house dataset for various use-cases.

I’ve seen in other posts that you get these requests a lot and have specific people in charge of responding to them. Can you put me in touch with the relevant contacts?

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Have you looked here? Free Company Data Product - Companies House
Also (linked on above page): Company Data Product FAQs (

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Yep, I’ve had a look there but it looks like it only contains basic data and is only at a monthly frequency.

I know there are also accounts and PSC data files on separate pages but just wanted to confirm that this is the recommended way to ingest bulk data and that these would provide all the information available via the api.

Another slightly concern is that the free data pages seem to have something weird going with their ssl certificates but I assume this is just a transient issue?

I have not seen anything in the past year or so regarding streaming API data snapshots, so I will assume the product has STILL not been developed. Someone from CH can clarify.

As for other bulk data options, search this site and you’ll find threads where you can request bulk data - I believe the person that handles these is Simon. They’ll also be able to address the certificate issue (or point you to the right place)

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‘something weird going on with the ssl certificate’?

The files are available via http AND https.
If you visit Companies House it is not secure but
Companies House is secure and the cert is valid and does not expire in October.
Are you having an issue with either of these pages?

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Ah thanks Mark, yep that’s what was confusing. Didn’t expect the site to be available in both encrypted and unencrypted forms. Cheers for clearing that up. I’ll pop back here if we have any questions as the project progresses. We’re still in the design phase currently and making some decisions on how to ingest this data.


I also work on the project at the large public sector organisation. We would like to automate the transfer of Company, Account and PSC data products (we currently download them manually). Do you provide a service that allows for thier download via FTP/SFTP/FTPS and, if you do, how can we access it?

Thanks in advance.