Requesting more information about an IP getting blocked for over a month


One of our IPs seems to have been in trouble since the 10th of July.

It managed to get some data on the 10th of July, then the 2nd of August, then the 22nd of August.

After that, it’s been returing 403 Forbidden.

I know about rate limits - surely if it has been blocked for that long, it would have fallen back into the rate limits by now?

Can you check it has not been manually blocked?

I can send the IP in question via private message if you like.


@rmcneil Hi Robert,

From other replies, I believe you may be able to help with our API issue.
As the original message says, one of our IPs seems to be intermittently blocked but we are unable to identify if this is due to rate limits or something else.

Could we please arrange to share with you our IP discuss our situation to find a solution.


Hi, I have messaged you.

Robert McNeil
Service Owner for Get Company Information