REST API to file iXBRL document with CH

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Can you please point me to documentation for a REST API that would allow me to file an iXBRL document with Companies House?

You will find it here: Manipulate Company Data (API Filing): Specification summary.

I hope this helps.

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Hello, Thank you for the reply. I went through the link, and I might be missing something here, apologies.
What I understood was that the transaction API can help create a transaction and once done, we can either create an ROA or an insolvency.
Let’s say I have a transaction and would like to upload an iXBRL file to the transaction. How do I do that?


Currently there are no REST API calls for most types of filing to CH including accounts ixbrls. The only ones that have a REST API are those you mention (ROA and Insolvency).

The documentation you found is probably the JSON REST APIs. There’s an older family of APIs which use XML which you need to look at.

Start here, you can find a bunch of XML examples if you go hunting.

This code invokes the filing API for e.g. pushing iXBRL filings…

Good luck!

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Thanks a lot for the reply mark2. I will go through them and get back.