Restrictions in Search APIs

Where do I find a list of possible restriction queries?

The description suggests: Enumerable options to restrict search results. Space separate multiple restriction options to combine functionality. For a “company name availability” search use “active-companies legally-equivalent-company-name” together.

For example I want to filter by company status or by date of incorporation. Would be useful to see a list of possible restrictions, have I missed it?

Hopefully someone from Companies House will be along to explain this one. I hadn’t noticed that extra parameter appear - I mostly just follow this forum for updates. I did try searching around in Companies House github but if it isn’t in the usual places (e.g. Enum constants) then good luck finding it!

I suspect it may well be some things that they use internally and it’s slipped into the documents. This is a little unusual. In the past it has been more about people posting oddities they’ve discovered here and requesting these get a mention in the documentation!

Hopefully they’ll be along to explain at some point but in general if they haven’t announced it formally then don’t rely on it. Good luck.

I noticed this last week. Hunted through all of the documentation and tried testing some options to no avail. Looking forward to an update.