Search directors,psc form and download annual report


I would like to retrieve director information, psc form and download annual reports of the entity through. Could you please guide me through the process?

The API services are intended for experienced API users, so this forum and the documentation on should be sufficient.

my api key is not working . This is the key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Could you please let me know the reason?

I have generated two api keys , both are not working.

Please do not post API keys or any other sensitive data on the forum.

To be clear, our API services are intended for use by IT professionals with the relevant experience in API’s.
This forum is full of additional information (contributed by many experienced users) that adds greatly to the official documentation at
However if you do not have the technical skills and experience necessary to use our services, you may have to employ the services of a company that does.

If you think you have the required skills but need a bit more help, feel free to post your queries on this forum, but to receive help from others you will need to post more details than ‘my api key is not working’.

Explain what you have done so far, include snippets of code, the json you have posted (hide any personal info including your api keys) and the exact error messages you are getting in response to your request.
Good luck.