Searching by multiple fields e.g. name AND address

I’ve seen another topic from Feb 16 that suggests that Search Officer can also include address. However, my current experience is that if I know that John Smith lives at 1 New Street and I search for “John Smith 1 New Street”, then the first hits are for “John Street” and not “John Smith”. Is there any way to differentiate between name and address in the search? With common names, the number of hits results in data that seems not to be downloadable due to data limits. Could you please provide any guidance on whether it is possible to search using multiple distinct parameters.

Thanks, Kevin

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You can include the address in your search, but this is an experimental feature and may not work exactly as you require or expect and is not officially released. That being said, you can try a search like:-
John Smith location:“high Street, london”
location:“high Street, london” John Smith

hope that helps

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Many thanks Mark, using the address like this help hugely to get to the right person quickly. Is there any documentation for experimental features like this?

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My post above IS THE documentation.
Please note:-

  • there is no support for this ‘feature’
  • it may be changed without notice
  • it may be removed without notice
  • DO NOT come to rely on it or build it into your products for anything more than experimental use.

@MArkWilliams Is there such a feature to search an officer by name and date_of_birth? I tried using the field in a similar way, i.e. Name Surname date_of_birth:“1988,8” and it did not work. I also tried dob as keyword, or “7,1988”

No, sorry not currently.