SECR carbon / XBRL in reports


Since 2020 it has been possible for companies to report carbon emissions and energy use via digital filing as part of the Directors Report. Can someone at Companies House find out how many companies have done this and suggest a way to find out which have reported? I bulk downloaded a month’s worth of html report filings and I couldn’t find any that had used the XBRL “StreamlinedEnergyCarbonReportingHeading” for example.



I have passed your query on. I will update you as soon as I get a response.

@MArkWilliams - thank you! I know that people post all sorts of things to these Forums and it must be difficult to keep on top of all the queries so I really do appreciate your responding so quickly (although I recognise it might take a while longer to get an answer). If companies do start reporting using the XBLR then it would be game-changing - at present emissions are reported in all sorts of formats in different places and it’s almost impossible to find and parse the data.

Unfortunately, there is no mandatory iXBRL filing requirement in place. This has resulted in many companies still submitting on paper and we currently have no way to check that this information is included.

You have found no mention of the SECR data being present in your sample of our bulk data product. This could either be that they are not required by law to submit this information or alternately they should have included it but have neglected to do so.