Shareholder information

I want to get shareholder information through API. can you please guide me about it. how to get shareholder details of a company using API.


Use the following API

Put the actual registraion numer of the company in url.

Check the “natures_of_control” attribute in response.

Thanks for reply
let me more clear view to you .
I like to get all details related to shareholder. like i want to fetch how to many share capital in company and which shareholder has how many share and shareholder details.


Looking at I don’t think that level of detail is available through the APIs.

it has been so many month it any update about it.
And any future plan for available for these api.

Check out the companies register endpoint Companies House Public Data API: Registers

Read the spec and check out the links in the spec to see if they contain the data you are looking for

Dear Phillip,

We check the response of the given API and it is not reflecting us shareholder and share capital information. Can you please help us where we can get the shareholder and share capital information.

Furthermore, Is there a way we can get the CS01 Information via API.

Dinesh Singh

I don’t think you can get either of these directly through the API. You’d have to download the CS01 yourself and somehow extract the information from the PDF.

There are some third party (usual paid) services that collate this data from a variety of sources and offer this sort of financial information, but in my experience they don’t tend to be particularly accurate or up to date.

My take is that monitoring these sort of financial aspects of a company aren’t really in Companies House’s purview (more of a Treasury/HMRC thing) and they’re more interested in this information in terms of the structure of the company and record-keeping than the data itself. But that’s me speculating!