Shareholder/UBO API

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is there a UBO or shareholder API? where we retrieve the shareholder or UBO data related to the company in question?

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Hi @tej. My name is @stephenabbottpugh and I’m the head of technology at Open Ownership.

Open Ownership focuses on beneficial ownership transparency and I oversee work on the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard and Open Ownership Register.

The Open Ownership Register ingests data from the UK PSC Register each month and maps it to a data model which allows us to combine it with data from other countries as well as showing UBO information. We are in the late stages of work to map this data to version 0.2 of our Beneficial Ownership Data Standard.

While we don’t have a fully fledged API for the Register at the moment, all the data from the Register is downloadable in bulk under an open license.

We also have a set of Beneficial ownership data analysis tools where you can find data from the Register as csv, SQLite and PostgreSQL. These tools are also hooked up to Google’s Big Query which has its own API.

At present, the data is only available for the whole of the Open Ownership Register where the beneficial ownership data from the UK, Slovakia, Denmark and Ukraine is all combined. By mid October 2022, we hope to have completed the work to offer each of these registers separately if you want to analyse or reuse one country’s data.

You might also be interested in some work we did with @cos_marginean from Blue Anvil:

If you would like any more details, my email address can be found on the Open Ownership website.


@tej An update here: Open Ownership is working to develop the Open Ownership Register and update how we ingest and map UK PSC Register data to version 0.2 of the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard.

We now have three public Github repos explaining this work:

Records are stored in Elasticsearch and, in future, will power

I wanted to share a quick update on work Open Ownership has just announced to help people analyse and reuse beneficial ownership data from the UK PSC register.

During 2022, we have developed a toolkit for taking beneficial ownership data which is published openly and converting it in line with our Beneficial Ownership Data Standard to make it easier to analyse, reuse and combine across jurisdictions. We also enrich data sources using OpenCorporates data.

We’ve now published a blogpost detailing how we carried out this work and how people can now reuse data from the UK PSC register, Denmark’s CVR or Slovakia’s Public Sector Partners Register via these tools:

Data sources: UK PSC / Denmark / Slovakia

Dashboards: UK PSC / Denmark / Slovakia

In the coming weeks, we will add data from the UK’s new Register of Overseas Entities and in early 2023 we will be working hard to add national beneficial ownership datasets from Nigeria and France too - all published in line with our data standard.

A wider variety of formats is available so that anyone can use the data files as csv, SQLite, Postgresql, Parquet or JSON as well as being able to analyse the data using Big Query or Datasette.

Email or ping me if you have any questions.