Speed and searching for shareholders

Hi could someone tell me whether new filings at Companies House appear quicker on the API than on the Companies House website and if so what the difference is? For example do you get to see a new filing instantly with the API but only a day later on the website?
Second question please: if you integrate the API does this mean you can then perform a shareholder search across all companies registered at companies house to see what companies those shareholders own? Thank you in advance.

  1. I have not noticed any difference in the speed with which filings appear on the API and on the website. In my experience they appear on the website within a few minutes after the filing has been accepted. (this may vary for filing types though, I’m referring to electronic filings through the xml gateway).
  2. there is not a shareholder search by name, but there is an officers search endpoint. So you can search for directors etc, but not persons with significant control by name.