Streaming API 500 Errors


I am getting either a 500 or 504 error when trying to connect to the service. This has previously worked with the same request so I am slightly confused what may be causing these?

Is there any known error that could be causing this?

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I’m getting the same issue.

Sorry about that, there was an issue, but we resolved it.

I’m also seeing 500s and 504s on connection to streaming services - is this a general problem or key-specific?

As an update: we are close to deploying a new streaming API that will hopefully fix a number of issues affecting its stability.

We are still seeing HTTP 500 errors with the Streaming API - is there any indication when it will be resolved?

Yes, sorry about this. I have just restarted the service. We are currently testing the next release which will hopefully solve these issues.

Thanks @MArkWilliams - it is now working.

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