Streaming API fields changed issue

The Streaming API resource documentation contains the “event.fields_changed” datapoint, however, this is always empty and contains no fields names in any of the streaming API endpoints. I just wanted to clear up the discrepancy between the documentation and the actual data being returned.



Hi, we’re also intrigued by this as we were scratching our heads in a dev meeting over the field being empty yesterday.

Our best guess was that it only has content if any of the fields have been changed (not added) but that seems a bit convoluted and I’m guessing it turns out that none of the data has that node populated?

I’m interested in this too, especially for the company_profile stream
Maybe @MArkWilliams can shed some light on the subject?

Thanks for raising this. It does appear that the changes field is present even when there are no changes and that it would benefit from a tidy up. A story has been raised in the service backlog but, to manage expectation, this will be scored and prioritised against other work we have to do so, unless it is causing significant issues, it may not be tackled for some time.

We still can’t retrieve a populated “event.fields_changed” field, can we?

I see no more "fields_changed” in any record I retrieve from the API. Does this mean that all of those records represent new officers/appointments, and no update/change to the existing ones? Thanks