Streaming API key requests


Have gone through the process of making 3 streaming API test environment and 3 streaming API live environment applications. These were for officers, charges, and psc. I have gone through the key request adding all the relevant information and IPs etc. Unsure how the keys are returned to me. They were not automatically generated at the time of creating the key request. Its been over two weeks now and I have been checking the site daily. How do I get the keys ?

Since logging onto the site yesterday the 3 applications I made for the live applications have disappeared from the screen. I have screenshots if you need these. I am new to Companies House and find the supporting information good but no clarity on the process for delivery of the applications and key requests. I have opened a support call NUM1987000X which is still open but Richard Ells has suggested I try this forum.

Couple of other issues you may be interested in:
Encountered an issue supplying restricted IPs for the key request. The description advises the user to separate the IPs with a comma but this resulted in an error message. Finally got this sent through by separating with a semi colon.
The link to the beta feedback doesn’t appear to work.

Can someone please help. When you make the key request, you have to put in the name of the key. Is this name the API Key ?