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I am new to the CH API’s and trying to learn Streaming API in particular. As per documentation, helps to fetch filings on real-time basis. This API has query parameter timepoint which helps to create time window to fetch data within that particular window if my understanding is correct. There is no information given what should be the value of this parameter timepoint. Can some one help me with the sample request and share more detailed documentation on how to run this API from local setup.
Thanks in advance.

The timepoint is provided in each payload from the API and all streaming API endpoints have their own timepoint. As such, your initial connection is without this parameter. You then store the timepoint from that last payload you receive. If you disconnect from the service (or when you are disconnected every 24 hrs), you then re-connect with the last timepoint that you saved (so that you do not miss any payloads from the stream) otherwise you only get the latest payload.

PS: There is a limit as to how far back the streaming API’s can ‘rewind’ - where the timepoint goes further back than the limit, the stream will be resumed at that limit point

Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate it.
Here The timepoint is provided in each payload from the API by API you mean streaming API right?
I am trying to run the streaming API to fetch filing
for the first time. So, I am sending it without any timepoint parameter value. The API continues to run for a long time without any response.
So, I am not sure how exactly to use these streaming APIs. What possible and valid timepoint values can be used as query parameters?

Yes, the streaming API endpoint(s).

You need to resolve any connection issues you may have. I can attest to the (streaming) filling API endpoint being ‘alive’ and streaming data. Here are the total payload sizes I have seen in the last 5 hours (from 7am to 12noon) from the filling endpoint

1.58 MB
2.18 MB
6.23 MB
6.52 MB
6.47 MB

You can use to see if the streams are alive/active. I made it a simple website to view the streaming APIs.

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That’s really neat. We have no current use for the streaming APIs, so have never really looked into them. Very cool to see them in action like that though.

Thanks everyone for the input. I am able to connect and fetch data from stream API.