Streaming App not accessible

I am trying to get a streaming api application started (unsucessfuly) following these intructions on :

Register a new application

To register a new application, click the Register an application button.

You will now be asked which type of application you are registering, choose Streaming API.

Fill in your Application name, giving it a meaninful description and, if appropriate, a list of Restricted IPs and when you’re done, click Register.

The hub will register your application, and provide you with a unique streaming API key that you will use to authenticate your application every time you connect to a streaming API.

The problem is that I can only choose to create Live or Test applications. Am I missing anything?

Yes, pick either test or live and then open your application and you will be able to select generate key and select streaming API

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Thanks Liam, that made the trick. Sorry for the silly question I’m still a newbie :slight_smile: