System Changes and performance issues

After further investigation we have made a change to CHS in an attempt to alleviate some of the recent performance issues experienced with CHS search.
The previous maximum of 50000 results (or 2500 pages) has been reduced to 200 results, or 10 pages.

Hi Mark

I’m now struggling to get the latest data - my app queries were working up until this so I’m hoping you can help.

How do I now get the latest data? I was previously using 100 items per page and setting to 100 less than the total; now even using the one on the website to test, I can only get the first 100 records - everything with an index higher to that errors.

Please could you help?



When you say you are struggling to get the latest data, what do you mean exactly?
How are you using our service? What are you searching for?

Hi Mark

I’m doing keyword based searches to find new businesses (restaurants) which have been registered recently. Since I can’t reduce the payload by ordering or date filtering the search (or even filtering by SICC); I have been pretty much having to pull all of the data based on the index and filtering afterwards. I’m pulling via Alteryx.


one of our other products might be better suited for your needs:-
this is monthly and contains the SIC codes that would enable you to search more accurately.

Thanks Mark, I’ll download and take a look