Temporarily Rate limit increase


We have been applying updates using your Stream API since yesterday. The Stream and REST API/company endpoints contain important information that is not available in the Companies House bulk product.

Is it possible to double or triple the rate limit temporarily so that we can update our database to rely solely on the Stream API afterward? Aside from the Stream API and the mentioned database update, there are no other significant queries happening.

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That’s the answer I had from someone from the CH.

The application rate limit can be adjusted, within reason, the maximum would be 1200 requests in a 5-minute period, and you would need to provide the CH with your API key, application name and email address registered, to action this. The rate limits are in place to ensure the stability and reliability of the platform and should be built into your application as returning errors is a huge overhead on the service, and the CH Support Teams will manually ban IPs that are constantly bombarding the service causing degradation for all users. Multiple keys should also not be used in an attempt to by-pass the API rate limits.

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Hi Florian,

Thank you for your response. If the maximum is 1200 requests per 5 minutes, then that’s fine. The speed has already doubled and is quite helpful. I’ll send an email.

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