Timepoint snapshots - information, access, costs


I am planning to use Company House streaming API. In documentation I see we can get a time point snapshot and then request updates since that timepoint using streaming API. The url for snapshots is https://developer-specs.companieshouse.gov.uk/snapshot which does not work. Please provide information how we can get snapshots.

I thought i could use bulk download monthly files available at Companies House but i realize the attributes in bulk files are less than the attributes provided by streaming API.


There are currently no snapshots available for the streaming API only the data going forward.

The streams maintain data for 1 week, so it should be possible to go back a full week. However, this 1 week timepoint depends on the rate of messages coming through the stream and is not currently available on demand.

In some instances, by moving the timepoint back in large jumps it is possible to access earlier data.

It is still our intention to develop data snapshots for the Streaming API service and the current thinking is that we will form a project to do this next financial year, with Discovery potentially starting in April.