UBO API - data returned

I notice there have been some API’s made available for UBO’s / PSC’s. We have set the UBO API to see what data it returns and have tested it on about 1000 companies but it does not seem tro return any of the UBO info

Can someone advise what should be returned from this API please

Which APIs are you referring to? As far as I’m aware there are two (apparently interrelated) sets of data here:

  • The Register of Overseas Entities - this records details of the “owners” of entities which buy, sell or transfer property or land in the UK.

  • The PSC data (list and / or statements) for companies.

The data you get via PSCs can be examined e.g. via the PSC snapshot / bulk data product. There are also some specific examples on this forum.

Data about the Overseas Entities appear to be recorded via the PSC data on a specific set of companies (with “Company Number” starting in OE e.g. OE000100). The Company Type will be e.g. registered-overseas-entity in the type member of the Company Profile resource. So you can search for these specifically using the Companies Advanced search. *

The PSCs listed for such a company (and / or the statements) appears to be what counts as “beneficial owners”. The PSC request has a few new values of the kind member to represent these:


And the natures_of_control member can have some new values. There are several so not all listed here (see the Enum Constants) but I think these all end in registered-overseas-entity:


The documentation also suggests that there may be additional information associated with officers e.g. contact_details and responsibilities members and a new value for identification.identification_type of registered-overseas-entity-corporate-managing-officer but we have not yet seen that. Presumably this would be in the Overseas Entity company entry?

Was that what you were looking for? If not do you have examples of e.g. companies you expect to see / find such information for but where it’s not listed?

** Apart from an initial registration such companies are required to file an update statement every year but presumably no other filings will appear?