Web and API request limits

Hello there @MArkWilliams,

Our company is looking for ways to generate a company snapshots via the web interface, since this endpoint is not available via API.

Therefore, we have a few questions:

  1. Does CH have request limits to generate snapshots via web?
  2. If yes, are those limits related to IP or just to account?
  3. Are web request limits related to API limits?

Hopefully, you can help us out with this one.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Hey @MArkWilliams, still hoping to hear from you regarding this subject.

Please reply at your earliest convienience.


Yes we do have limits on access to all of our services. If you exceed these limits your access will be reduced and if that ‘over use’ continued, it could lead to you losing access to all of our services, in keeping with our Fair Use Policy.
Our service is NOT intended for the use you describe. We have a number of bulk products that you should consider when designing your system/service.
our Free Data Product for example.
Would you like a member of our customer care team to contact you with details of our other bulk products?

Hello Mark,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Could you please clarify what the current limits for snapshots generated via web are?

It would be great to talk to your Client Care team as well, thanks!


Hey @MArkWilliams,

Still waiting to hear back from you regarding the last inquiry.

Best wishes,