403 Forbidden from API on one IP address

For the last few days I have been getting a 403 Forbidden message when trying to access the API. It looks like the IP address has been blocked - does anybody know if it’s possible to get it unblocked?

If you exceed the rate limit you will get a 403 status. As soon as you fall below that limit you are automatically ‘unblocked’

Thanks Mark.

I have been unable to access CH from my ip for the last few days – would this be why?

Nothing has been running on there for the last few days so should it be working?

I will contact you privately to get your IP address so we can investigate.

@MArkWilliams Just to confirm if you exceed the rate limit you will get a 403 status? On the documentation here (https://developer.companieshouse.gov.uk/api/docs/index/gettingStarted/rateLimiting.html) it states you will get a 429 status. Which is correct?

If you exceed the 600 requests in a 5 minute window you will get 429.
If you go higher and exceed the AWS limit,
we ban you manually
your IP address does not match the IPs in your API restricted_ips list you will get 403.

@MArkWilliams thanks for the clarification. Do you have any documentation on/know what the AWS limit is? Trying to diagnose the errors I’m encountering, further in this thread: Various errors (502, 403) occurring with no pattern - #4 by MArkWilliams

We’re having a similar issue, the API works for one of our servers but not for two others. Could you look into this for us please?

Hi I am currently getting a 403, our IP is 185 dot 19 dot 14 dot 117. We do have a rate limiter that looks not to be working correctly. Apologies but can you unblock us.