404 Not Found for officer request missing the error response body - Is that expected?

The following Companies House officer appointments request https://api.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/aDjhOpnMaB_uAHDxRnMLWpa9C-I/appointments?start_index=0&items_per_page=50 returns a 404 Not Found as expected. However, the response body is empty and it does not return an error response like it used to.

Has this been recently updated? Is that expected?

I was expecting to see something similar to the following (but for officers rather than companies)
{ "errors": [ { "error": "company-profile-not-found", "type": "ch:service" } ] }

I meant this request https://api.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/BVwFvn-LEFUgDZgxnbB8ocHClXH/appointments?start_index=0&items_per_page=50