416 Requested range not satisfiable


I’m getting the response code “416 Requested range not satisfiable” when I give start index > 900. Can anyone please help me how can we resolve this ?

Thanks in advance.

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Jeyaprakash Ayyanan.

What endpoint are you using (e.g. search All, search Companies, officers, pscs etc)?

If the answer to the above is “one of the search endpoints” then what goal are you trying to achieve? See below.

If you were not calling one of the search endpoints then it would probably help you if you posted a minimal example of what you’re doing e.g. the endpoint you’re calling, all the parameters (but not your API key…).

If it’s any of the “search” endpoints that you’re calling then you should search this forum for “start_index”. You’ll find things like this:

Short: you’re not expected to be requesting hundreds of entries from “search”. The exact number that Companies House stop you on seems to have varied but they’re consistent in saying “if you’re bringing in hundreds of search results then you’re not using this system the way it was intended”.

When people say they can’t get enough results via “search” they’re normally trying to do something that would be better done another way. For example if you want to locate all examples of some type / attribute of company (e.g. companies at a postcode, companies with particular words in the name). Search this forum for the topic you’re interested in - there are many examples from people achieving particular ends. There are also some commercial packages for specific tasks which are not simple to achieve, should that be of interest.

Hello @voracityemail
I’m using the “Search All” API to get the list of companies with the given input string.
Everything seems to be working fine, but we are not able to go beyond the records of 900.
I’m using both start_index and items per page parameters too.

When I search for the company name contains “lloyds”, it totally contains 1254 records. As I said we can go until 900 records.
Please help me on this.

I’m using the “Search All” API

In that case please read my answer above starting “Detail”. In particular:

Companies House have limits to stop you doing this because they want people to use “Search” for searching, not data harvesting. As I said above there are other ways to do that. Search for “bulk download” or “streaming api” and choose the most appropriate. Or use one of the many paid for / third party products available.

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