429 Too Many Requests not going away

So, here is the appilcation.

I created an autofill function that as you type the name of the company, it suggests the top 3 closet results. This works really well and when you press it, you can then get that companies profile. Again, works really well.

Currently, during testing, It runs on the CORS proxy, but this will be migrated to node once all the tests are complete.

However, after reaching the max 600 per 5 mins for the first time, about an hour ago. The error has not left, whenever I try to pull any data, it keeps coming back with a 429 Too Many Requests error.

It is still on a localhost server for the interim. But It does not seem to be shifting the 429. I left it 30 mins by closing every aspect of the application, ensured the entire session was killed, but when I reloaded, I get the same error.

Anyone got any insight? Thanks in advance!

Typically, It now works! So if anyone has the same issue, just be patient!

You are expected to manage rate limiting yourself. I believe if you submit too many requests too often you may get a permanent block until you ask Companies House to lift that block.

Please see their documentation here on the rate limit e.g. the http response headers they send back with the limit, the window and how many requests you have left:


There is some more information (with examples) in this thread - but you’ll need to check for yourself this is still current!