Accounts information in Company Profile API

For some context, we are using company profile API to get information on accounts. We are interested in finding out if the company has submitted their accounts for the latest year.

So we were thinking if we could use nextAccounts and lastAccounts field to check when was last accounts submitted, but not sure when these fields get updated from the point when the actual accounts were submitted.

How long does it take to update these fields and if these are reliable for checking the accounts submitted for the latest year ?
Which is the correct field (nextAccounts or lastAccounts) to check if the accounts were submitted for the latest year ?

While the update doesn’t seem instant, I believe it usually takes no more than a few hours for the updated data to reflect within the api and the streaming service.

The data is from the official ch service so I suppose that’s as reliable as it could get potentially. You should be able to diff any of the dates with the existing date to determine if something changed (or just use the streaming service)