Advanced-search CORS error


Great API, thanks for providing.

So, I’ve got the standard company search working fine, but switching to the advanced-search I’m getting a CORS error in my app. The error comes immediately in the OPTIONS request.

The same request to the advanced-search is working fine in postman. Nothing has changed in my app after switching from the basic to the advanced-search, other than the query, which is:

Is there some additional step to access the advanced-search? Or, have the query params been changed?

Thanks in advance

Works OK for me (using your URL and curl - so not via AJAX / CORS).

Looks like there may be an issue with the Advanced Search via CORS - or at least a couple of people on this forum have reported errors (404 with a CORS error). Is your case the same?

Hi @voracityemail, yes the same … using fetch, problem in the preflight OPTIONS, all other endpoints except advanced-search working.

Looks like CORs may still be broken on the advanced company search … anyone else getting this?