API Key Application

Hi , I’m new to this and need some advice if possible? A few weeks ago I applied for an API key for an online application we’re creating. The API key is to confirm upon business registration and that they are registered with Companies house.
I’ve heard nothing? The application says its live? How long does an application take? The developer requires the key and I don’t know what to do?

Have you generated a key?

You’d normally log in here (assuming that you have registered for a login to Companies House):


Then either Create application if you don’t have one or view all:

If you’re viewing you’d click on whatever text you have in “My application name”:

I’ve altered the details here but hopefully this explains what you’ll see where. Create button down at the bottom.

If creating a new app choose “live” - the test / sandbox doesn’t seem to work.

Companies House requires that you either register an IP address(es) you’ll be contacting the API from OR - if doing this via javascript / AJAX - the host / domain you’ll be calling from. (There is a workaround if you’re using a local server e.g. localhost - please search this forum for how to do that).

Note the the API key is for http basic authorization. When doing that you’d put the API key wherever the username field would be and the password is blank / empty. How exactly you provide these depends on what program / tool / language you are using - please see the numerous examples on this forum for help with that.

Good luck.