API to get shareholders & number of their shares?

I am looking for an API endpoint that would return the list of shareholders of a company and how many shares each of them controls.
The friend have shown me that this information is editable on the back-end, so it should be stored in the DB.
However I do not see it exposed anywhere in the API - the closest I found is this endpoint to list of the persons with significant control (PSC). However to be considered PSC one has to own 25%+ of shares, plus the information there is coarse-grained (for example rather than tell that one owns 30 out of 100 shares, it tells that they own between 25 and 50%

I am wondering if I am missing the shareholders API.
If such API does not exist I am wondering whether it is intended (for example, for privacy reasons) or it’s just nobody considers it important.


This information is not available from Companies House via a REST API, but it can be gathered from Confirmation Statement filings, which are accessible from Companies House Document API.
You’ll need to download the filing PDF and scan the text to get the information you want.

Thank you for the information