Bulk company file missing previous names

I’ve found cases where the previous names of companies are not included in the bulk product (Basic Company Profile Data CSV from Companies House).

Company 03587701, line from CSV file:

"COMPONENT KNOWLEDGE LIMITED","03587701","","","84 WORDSWORTH MEAD","","REDHILL","","ENGLAND","RH1 1AJ","Private Limited Company","Active","United
Kingdom","","25/06/1998","31","3","31/12/2024","31/03/2023","TOTAL EXEMPTION FULL","28/04/2017","31/03/2016","0","0","0","0","62012 - Business and domestic software development","62020 - Information
technology consultancy activities","","","0","0","http://business.data.gov.uk/id/company/03587701","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","14/04/2024","31/03/2023"

Previous names showing on website:

Company 02804584, line from CSV:

"JAGUAR FREIGHT SERVICES LIMITED","02804584","","","2ND FLOOR","32-33 GOSFIELD STREET, FITZROVIA","LONDON","","UNITED KINGDOM","W1W 6HL","Private Limited Company","Active","United
Kingdom","","29/03/1993","31","12","30/09/2024","31/12/2022","TOTAL EXEMPTION FULL","26/04/2017","29/03/2016","2","1","0","1","52290 - Other transportation support

Previous names on website:

In both of these cases (and there are probably lots more), the previous name of the company is not in the bulk file. There are just empty strings for those columns in the CSV file, so the data is missing from the bulk product.

I’ve also noticed cases of previous company names that are listed on the website not being included in the bulk Basic Company Profile Data product. I’ve also seen previous names included in messages on the streaming API that are not present in the bulk product

Thank you for reporting this.
Do you know if this is a recent issue or a long standing issue? Do you have approximate time frame?
I will pass this to development and I know they will ask these questions as part of their investigations.

I have raised this with the relevant team to investigate.

So sorry for the delay in finding the issue. I have put a chase on the call logged.