Bulk Daily Company Data


Please could I have samples of the snapshot and daily update files for company data, in addition to the spec explaining the format?

Also, I’d like to ask if there is currently and bulk accounts data available in a similar way?


someone from our customer care team will contact you.

Hi @MArkWilliams

I’d like that same as @joelem inquired about in this post.


Hi @MArkWilliams ,

I am also looking for samples of the snapshot and daily update files for company data. Can you also provide details on size of file , frequency, full or delta file


Thanks is there a download area for daily bulk information, I’ve been limited so far to the monthly refreshed public area.

I have passed your details onto our customer care team who will contact you directly.


Could you put me in touch with the customer care team to download the bulk directors data?

Many thanks

am also trying to get daily download of new companies, suggestions???

Can I get someone contact me from the Customer Care team regarding bulk data products? Regards, Csaba

Hi Mark, could you please put me in touch with somebody from the customer care team, we are also interested in the full bulk data products that may be available.