Bulk download of companies via API


Is there a way to get a periodic download of topline company information (name and company number) for all companies via API (rather than daily/monthly files)? Effectively an API to this info: Companies House

At the request of clients, we’re trying to replicate functionality seen in a few sites where you start to type in your company name and it automatically gives you a list of all companies that start with these letters.

We can’t use the normal Companies House API to do this due to understandable limits on requests.
We can do it ourselves but need to be able to keep company names fresh by periodically updating our data. I can’t quite find a topic on this exact issue, but it must have been done before since sites we’ve seen do this rely on their own data, presumably bulk downloaded from Companies House in the same way we’re requesting here…?



Once you have built your own database of company names, you can keep it up to date using our streaming API service.