Can we bulk download Officer/Director Data?

Hi @MArkWilliams - please could I request access to your bulk officer data product. Thanks

Hello! I also need a bulk download of Officer/Director data with corresponding company names. Thank you in advance! @MArkWilliams

Hi @MArkWilliams. Could you please contact me regarding bulk files? I need bulk files for:

  • officers
  • filing history
  • people with significant control

This is very important. Please reply. My email:


Could you please also get in contact with me regarding bulk data downloads?

Hi @MArkWilliams - I have contacted Companies House Enquiries by email and not had any joy receiving info on the bulk download of officers. Please could someone get in touch?

Thank you.


Goodmorning @MArkWilliams,

I am reaching out to request access to the bulk officer data product in order to obtain their birth dates without making double API calls. More information regarding this request can be found in the following forum thread: Information missing between company and officers - #3 by it12

Thank you!

Morning @MArkWilliams ,

I’m interested in downloading the bulk officer/director data (and keeping an internal copy updated on a regular basis), is this something you could assist me with please?

Many thanks,

Hi @MArkWilliams - I would like to request access to your bulk officer data product, is this something you can help with? Thanks

@MarkWilliams, Please can i request access to the Bulk Officer data product

Hi @MArkWilliams I’d like to request access to your bulk data officer product, would you be able to help me out with this? Thanks!

Hey @MArkWilliams – I’m interested in getting officer and director bulk data. Can I get someone to reach out to me about it? Thanks!

I would also like the bulk download. regards

hi @MArkWilliams -

would it be possible to get this bulk download of officer data as well?

thanks so much in advance…

Hi @MArkWilliams

May I get this bulk data as well? Thank you!

I am also interested in the bulk office data product. Thank you!

Hi @MArkWilliams - I would also like to use the bulk Officer data product. Please can you reach out to me?

Hi @MArkWilliams I’d like to request access to your bulk data officer product, would you be able to help me out with this? Thanks!

Hi @MArkWilliams,

I am also interested in obtaining a bulk download of officer/director data. If possible, I would appreciate details on accessing or requesting this information. Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @MArkWilliams,

Please can I request access to bulk data downloads, specifically Disqualified Directors data?

Many thanks.

Hi Alex

The bulk update of Disqualified Directors is a once weekly re-issue of the three tables that form a small database that can then be rebuilt.

You may like to know that we have a low-cost turnkey solution available – just email

for more information.