Categorising company officers: companies or humans

Hi all,
For my application it would be useful to be able to categorise listed company officers as either human or companies. I’m sure there’s perhaps a simple way but I’m lost - I had held out hope that the “is_corporate_officer” instance within the Officer Appointment List might work but unfortunately not. I also thought perhaps date of birth but this data is often incomplete for human officers. I was wondering whether any others have come across this issue and found a way to overcome it?
Thank you.

There are a couple of possibilities that I’m aware of, however I’m not sure if there is a definitive right way to do things and would be interested in hearing if there is!

I think all corporate officers have an “identification” block that is not present for human officers.

Also the “officer_role” field explicitly says “corporate-director” as opposed to just “director”.

I don’t know if these are 100% reliable, but I haven’t had issues with them.

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I second both points above. I’d use the officer_role field - there’s a range of constants starting “'corporate-” (see the constants.yml file). I wouldn’t depend on the “identification” block being there but it seems to be consistent.

For reference if you want to do the same with pscs the “kind” field splits them into individuals, corporates, legal persons (and super-secures).

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I’ve created a question on this point as the data really does seem to be inconsistent (or people - certainly me - need some guidance on the rules!) - officer_role values - meaning of "corporate"